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Sea-Ice Refuge: A Global Cold-Forcing by a Bering Strait Dam

My solution to accelerated Arctic warming and to forestall the inevitable is to dam Bering Straits to 1/100 its volume to create a sea-ice refuge.

To do this using modified Dutch levee & dam methods modified for deeper water learning and refining that by raising and restoring villages being lost.

When ready to then build a weir dam, shipping locks at St. Lawrence Island, with reduced flow to build ice-polders protecting sections to allow the bottom to refreeze.

If that works to build atolls around the methane flares to refreeze them, a strategy with a basis for feasible results the bubbles create an up-flow pulling cold water down the sides.

The ice-polders, partial levees, artificial shoals & peninsulas used to keep the ice from melting back early by restricting shipping and diffusing runoff into the Canadian Archipelago.

The goal is to take back half the Bering Sea with solid ice all the way to the Beaufort all year, never melting out doing this.

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