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Dryland Farming Design

Mountain pass farm on 1-acre saves 1-acre-foot of water in cisterns under drip-irrigated terraces, heated soils.

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Plans -> Realized

Stuck on a city lot "permaculture" not too useful so hotboxes an alternative.

These grow 24x7 on LEDs in semi-portable boxes for urban farming.

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 The Spartan Studio®

As a kid the dream was a good shop, this one runs on sun, wind & water to be frugal yet opulent on needs.

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Plan -> Draft

Mallard Design Company

​Wide Scope of Design - R&D Prototypes
Microfluidics to Aerospace Mainly  Solidworks®-Comsol®-LabView-MatLab
Soils &  Water Hydrology, Automation to  Sailboat Design Software Tools 

Hardcopy Library, 10m x 12m Lofting Floor, Machine Shop to Hand Forging

Original Designs

In building the studio were used all the major advances to lower costs on a comfortable single person unit
with all needs to stay home
algae biodiesel for a car.

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Spartan DesignFrugal Functional
Efficient Remodels and Add-ons
Home-Farm-Ranch Focus that Scales
Solar-HVAC + Hot-Water - VAWTs :: Mfg Solar-Direct High-Temp Kilns-Crucibles-Ovens

From updating existing buildings or for on an entirely new project a broad service.
The designs are high-tech if needed + low-tech reliable & cost;  standard methods & materials.


Spartan Studio

Let’s craft a habitat, a refugia, a comfort and peace, a home ...