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Adding experience as you go learned production carpentry to be a better architect ethics for any job, most were intentional to learn a trade well enough to know how to spec it well later.


Planning is based on gathering information, ideas, constraints or limitations most important then what results fits specs: 
  • Library runs to tomes not online & company trade magazines from a decades
  • What is the goal, the function and use, how to make it options all thinking we
    ​use XMIND for collaboration a free download at a best tool.

  • PDF-Signing & Secure SSL transactions, Office 365 Suite, most documents.

There are few autonomous homes where the design supplies living comfort.

Western framing uses many standard parts and ducting fits these from the crawl-space thermal-mass, the heat-cold battery for the building to store collected therms to turn off the heater, it's a backup to an add-on collection-storage system, or benefit from the storage to greatly increase off-time how it works. 

The site determines the best mix to gain the capacity for daily and seasonal weather.

To scale off-grid, off-water & sewer must be easy with component systems to add to existing buildings and it takes decades of tweaking to get to production worthy work, then to become universal the goal.


When it settles to begin work, the juggling of how to do it against related factors ends in geometry or floor plans to follow a workflow to completion on the xmind diagrams. The design phases happens like this:
  • Creation of initial design that captures the essence of your project your participation
    ​early most important changes are cheap versus a rollback in mind each factor.

  • Path to completion followed with milestones by project for clear budgeting.
  • Final package of all factors as the service, prototype or consultation needed.​
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Patent# 7,053,618​

It’s a thrill when you see your vision as a prototype in your hand. To go from a sketch to steel from drawings to machinist a prototyper from Boeing did a fine job a neighbor.
For several months then 4-years to the patent issuing, a utility at that!
  • That's the persistence it takes not just skill, savvy and a bit of luck & good planning.
  • ​This design takes 50-70 riders to validate performance to be ready for production.
  • ​Where is your idea? ... this patent started while working in a bike shop.
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